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work within a network of specialists. Our team establishes the link between design, technological innovation and traditional workmanship.

Our services

We accompany our clients all the way from market research and building prototypes to batch production.
We convey the product’s fundamental technological advantages, innovative ideas and brand values and bring the product to life, highlighting its unique features. Thus, distinctive identities are created. Our creative processes are marked by responsible, holistic and long-term thinking.

Our goals

In today’s era of global markets and ruthless competition, products become more and more comparable and thus harder to position. Consequently, design and brand identity increasingly gain in importance. This is where we come in and create solutions:

We create products with aesthetic quality and functionality. Our design is concise in its language, at times futuristic, yet of timeless formality. It has an emotional and fascinating effect – in line with our guiding principle: Most advanced yet acceptable!

The diversity and variety of our operations, in combination with the manifold specialisations and mindsets within our network enable the precise development of designs, which underline the functionality of a given product and simultaneously embody highly emotional values. This constitutes one of the main benefits for our clients.

Rainer Atzlinger (founder and managing partner) and Mathias Schasché (managing partner)


Rainer Atzlinger – Industrial Design

Formerly a mechanical engineer at Silhouette Company Linz, Austria
Design studies at University of art and industrial design Linz. Graduated from master class Helmuth Gsöllpointner and Kristian Fenzl. Worked as freelance designer with internships at Opel Design Rüsselsheim, Germany and General Motors Design Staff, Warren Michigan, USA. Established RDD design network in 1999. Being acknowledged through numerous international design awards and prizes.

Mathias Schasché – Product Design

Industrial and transportation design studies at FH Joanneum Graz, Austria.

Worked for several industries. Starting with consumer goods for Philips Development Department, Klagenfurt. Designed sanitary products for Blanco and Repabad in Cologne, Germany. Interior designer at the WSF-Group in Vienna. Developing luxury hotels all over europe. Designed watch collections and products for the swiss and german watch industry, such as Favre-Leuba, Carl F. Bucherer, Mühle Glashütte.

Joined RDD design network in 2017.



Keestrack R3e

Hitzinger Jet Power

Hartl Bucket Crusher

Hintzinger S Power

Vakutec Vakumat Pumpe

nominee german design prize

Helmet in Disguise with Eva Reber

volvo sports design award at ispo winter

Hitzinger Ground Power Unit

Hartl Powercrusher

best of the best

Greiner Thermorunner TR4

Sandberger Uni 4000

Cockpit Concept

General Motors Design Award

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